January 30, 2010


Nein, das ist nicht das Wappen von Stuttgart, zumindest nicht das offizielle. Dieses Symbol eines nicht ganz unbekannten deutschen Autobauers, der in und um Stuttgart sehr präsent ist, befindet sich auf dem Turm des Hauptbahnhofes. Abends ist er beleuchtet und somit ein guter Orientierungspunkt.
It's not the emblem of Stuttgart, at least not the official one. This symbol is owned by a well-known german automaker, who's very present in and about Stuttgart. It's situated on the top of the tower of the main-station and illuminated every night. Therefore it is an excellent landmark for our visitors.


Leif Hagen said...

Ich glaube daB ich diese Symbol kenne .....

Kim said...

Last month Chuck of One a Day - Mostly Seattle blog and Wayne of Meandering in Lotus Land and I were out photowalking together in the rain and came across a classic Mercedes Benz in perfect condition. We all took photos of the illuminated hood ornament, and I will have to post that shot for you sometime soon as a solute to Stuttgart.

I don't know if I told you that my grandmother's mother grew up in Zizishausen (now part of Nuertengin). Someday I hope to visit that town and find the house of her Mueller family. :-)