April 28, 2012

The Famous Villa

Blick auf die von hohen Mauern und Zäunen umgebenen und gut gesicherten Villa Reitzenstein von der Gröberstraße aus.
View from Gröberstraße to the famous Villa Reitzenstein. That mansion is surrounded by heavy walls and fences and secured by automatic alarm.

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masseysan said...

This is such a beautiful part of Stuttgart on top of one of the city's hills. This villa is truly splendid. Too bad the put that huge modern structure directly in front of the palace to the left of the entrance. It almost blocks it. Why couldn't the architects respect the style of the palace and build something more "polite" to match the history of the house? I will never understand this. Anyway, I am sure the MInister-President enjoys working there.

I enjoy your posts very much. Your pictures are so "real" because the really photograph so many of the little things that are also an important part of this nice city.