November 09, 2010

Political Correctness

Der Landtag von Baden-Württemberg, ebenfalls mit abendlicher Beleuchtung.
The Landtag of Baden-Württemberg with evening lighting .
Am Tage sieht der Landtag so aus. Die Aufnahmen stammen von Anfang Oktober. Da war das Landtagsgebäude mit Absperrgittern gegen unerwünschte Besucher geschützt. Polizisten liefen am Gitter Streife.
The Landtag in broad daylight. The photos are from October. There were protective gratings around the building to prevent protesters against the S21 project inconvenient citizens from "storming" the Landtag. Policemen have patroled at the barrier.


Rebecca said...

Interesting...I will have to remember that term - inconvenient citizens!

Virginia said...

OH that top shot is stunning! It looks as if it's floating in the night sky.

And your English is very good! :)

WILBO43 said...

A very modern building for a parliament. What is that huge tube you can see at night?

Anonymous said...

It's a large building to protect!

nb. My abc-photo today shows ein klein Blumentopf :-D