November 25, 2010

Let The Music PLay

Etwas weiter entfernt vom "Silbermann" habe ich diese Gruppe entdeckt, die lateinamerikanische Musik spielte. Es gab sogar Leute, die Geld gaben. Amüsiert haben mich aber die Tauben auf dem Glasdach. Es scheint so, als ob sie die Musik besonders mögen.
Some steps away from the yesterday's "silver man" I saw this group performing Latin-American music. There were people who have given even some coins. I was amused myself about the doves on the glass roof. It seems that they go a bundle on the music.


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Hi Steffen, es ist so schön andere städte kennenlernen auch wenn nur in foto

Anonymous said...

Great shot, Steffen. Perhaps the doves thought getting some bread for their "singing", when the music group got money!

Jacob said...

Were the doves (pigeons) cooing? I like street musicians and find them to be quite brave - bravery is required to get out there and play live in public when people might make fun of you or laugh at you! Hope they made a little money!