January 19, 2011

Old Town

Die Leonhardskirche an der Hauptstätter Straße. Von hier aus geht es in das Bohnenviertel oder das Heusteigviertel mit ruhigen Straßen und netten kleinen Geschäften oder in die Altstadt mit der quirligen  Königstraße und den großen Kaufhäusern.
This is the church named Leonhardskirche which is situated at Hauptstätter Strasse, a busy high street. This building is the second eldest church in Stuttgart and named after Leonard of Noblac who is patron saint of the convicts. It is known for its social project named Vesperkirche Stuttgart. People in need get hot food, medical attendance and offers to talk for crisis management. From here you can go the small quarters like Bohnenviertel or Heusteigviertel which offer you small lanes with lovely shops. You can go to the old town with busy Königstrasse and its big stores.


Mo said...

Beautiful church

Rebecca said...

Its colors look so nice against the city background.