May 03, 2011

Stuttgart Doorways #11

Das ist der Eingang zum Rosensteinpark, in güldenen Lettern steht es auch über dem Löwen-Tor. Zu finden ist es schräg gegenüber von der Haltestelle ebenfalls mit Namen "Löwentor".
This is the entrance to the Rosensteinpark, the name is engraved with golden letters above that lion's gate (Löwentor). You can find this gate opposite the station named "Löwentor".


Anonymous said...

It looks very expensive; I like it ;-)
Have a great week, Steffen, and remember to relax "now and then"!

Halcyon said...

A magnificent gate!

Julie said...

Steffen, at first I thought these to be the entry gates for a cemetery. What are the two gate-keeper's lodges used for nowadays?

Hilda said...

Handsome gate to what looks like a big, lovely park.