September 29, 2011

A Rededication?

Dieser Bus befördert nun keine Schüler mehr zur Schule. Er sieht eher wie eine rollende Bar aus.
This vehicle no longer buses kids to the school. It could be used as a rolling bar now.

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Lynette said...

Interesting secondary use for the bus--I trust that someone is the designated driver.

Thank you for stopping by Portland Oregon Daily Photo. About staying a while at the building, here is some additional information that I have found:

Thank you for your interest in an overnite stay at the Lodge. Unfortunately, the building was origionally construsted as a day lodge only, and does not offer overnight accommodations.

Available for public viewing, the Lodge houses a U.S. Forest Service interpretive center, an exceptional gift shop, , snack bar, espresso cart and public restrooms on the plaza level. The second floor accessed by Stair or elevator is home to the restaurant lobby and dining rooms, spectacular patio dining in suitable weather, cozy lounge and bar area.