February 19, 2012

Stuttgart's Beer Gardens, 2

I made this photo in Feuerbach at a busy street. What do you think about this 'Biergarten'? Isn't it welcoming? Would you like to drink a beer there? OK, it's winter and not the right time for visiting a 'Biergarten'. Just as well it could be a refreshing place in spring or summer.


DIABOLIK said...

Da möchte man gleich Platz nehmen - dann noch ein bisschen Abgase auf den Tisch, und das Ganze ist eine runde Sache! ;-)

lewi14 said...

OK. Wir sehen uns?

Hollister UK said...

Came here on a Saturday night around 9pm, the place was more than half empty. Awesome, no pressure to leave so my girlfriends and I stayed until midnight! It's a nice place to chillax and catch up.