February 28, 2012

Stuttgart's Horses - No. Fourteen In A Series

From this side you can read "wer ein paar schritte wagt geht ..." (who dares some steps goes ...)
The continuation on the other could read as follows: "... weit. wer sich verirrt kommt verloren." (... far. who gets lost goes astray.) I haven't the vaguest notion of the letters which were left over.


Leif Hagen said...

A cool horse sculpture! Giddy up!
Happy Leap Day, Steffen!

Naddy said...

Behind the right hoof the word "nicht" is readable.. at least the "t" you can see in this picture belongs to the word.

I read the whole thing as "Wer ein paar Schritte wagt, geht nicht verloren. Wer sich verirrt kommt weit." / "Who dares some steps won't get lost. Who strays will go farther." At least this made the most sense to me =)