March 15, 2012

Education In The Heusteigviertel

This is the Heusteigschule at the Heusteigstraße. It is a Grundschule (elementary school) and a Werkrealschule (a special form of secondary modern school). The impressive building was built from 1904 to 1906 by architect Mr. Theodor Fischer.

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Anonymous said...

Lewi14, did I ever tell you about your city, Stuttgart?

My brother-in-law was in your city at the close of World War II and Stuggart had the largest prisoner of war camp that there was in Germany.

My brother-in-law was a Military Policemen (MP) and a guard of the German Prisoners of War in the prison.

Now, when I look at your photos, I wonder if you knew this or not. The pictures are beautiful and show no evidence of war.