March 07, 2012


Today I want to invite you to a walk through a quarter named Heusteigviertel. But it is not easy to locate it. There are an historic quarter and an official one. I've decided to explore the historic place at first. It is delimited by Wilhelmstraße, Olgastraße, Filderstraße and Hauptstätter Straße. Please be cordially invited to accompany me. I hope it will be an informative walk. Let's go.
View to Wilhelmsplatz at Hauptstätter Straße (right) and Wilhelmstraße. The Wilhelmsplatz was unenlivened during making this shot.
Two hours later there was a demonstration against the S21 project. The participants have formed up for a protest march through the city centre.
The other end of the historic quarter is situated near Marienplatz in the South at Filderstraße and Hauptstätter Straße.

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Lowell said...

Greetings! It's been awhile since I stopped by and now you're taking me on a journey. Very interesting and a beautiful section of the city. What is the S21 project?

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