June 27, 2011

Inside The Most Holy Trinity Church

Einige Fotos aus der Kirche der Heilgsten Dreifaltigkeit in S-Rot.
I was inside the Church of the Most Holy Trinity for making some photos.

Ups! - Oops!


Mark said...

Grüß Gott Lewi14
Your English is very good. I enjoy your blog as I am trying to improve my very poor German. I initially read the deutsch and try and work out what your comment is before I read the English.
Great shots of a modern church.

Anonymous said...

Your church photos the last days are really good and interesting. In Denmark we have some modern churches, but I have never been in one ;-)
Have a nice week, Steffen!

Leif Hagen said...

I always love, love the interior photos of church sanctuaries! Nice photos, Steffen!
Zeig mal bitte auch ein Gottesdienst mit Volk....

Bob Crowe said...

It is so stark, so plain. Except for the stations of the cross, it reminds me of Calvinist churches that have no decoration.

Montreal Photo Daily said...

Very interesting interior. The second shot is my favorite in this series.
Have a great day!