June 25, 2011

Stuttgart's Horses - No. Twelve In A Series

Diese Brauereipferde dienen als Türgriff bei der Brauerei Dinkelacker in der Tübinger Straße in S-Süd.
The dray-horses are used as door knobs of the entrance of the Dinkelacker brewery at Tübinger Straße in Süd.
Wir stehen hier direkt vor dem Eingang mit Blick zum Marienplatz. Bei der Phototour hat mich mein Sohn Felix begleitet.
We stand in front of the main entrance with the view to Marienplatz. At this photo tour my son Felix has gone with me.


Mark said...

Taking the kids for a photo session is one of the great pleasures of photo blogging.
Hope you had a beer when you visited the brewery with the Brauereipferde.

Montreal Photo Daily said...

Wonderful photos! Looks like your little one already has his own set of wheels... vroom, vroom.

Have a happy weekend. Cheers!