July 05, 2011

From Zuffenhausen With Love

Buhlen hier zwei Damen um einen Herren? Oder hat ER zwei Herzen gebrochen? Vielleicht frage ich mal die Bewohner des Hauses in Zuffenhausen, wo diese "ménage a trois" sich befindet.
Are the two ladies courting the gentleman's favour? Or has HE broken two hearts? Perhaps I'll ask the residents of this building in Zuffenhausen where this "ménage a trois" is situated.
die Dame links - the lady on the left
der Umworbene - the wooed gentleman
die Dame rechts - the lady on the right


Anonymous said...

I think he looks demons, so the ladies can get problems ;-)

Montreal Photo Daily said...

There must be a story there. What a fun post! I like it.
Have a happy Wednesday!

Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

Very unusual facade but it does make the imagination wander.

Darryl and Ruth :)