July 06, 2011

The Opening Ceremony Is Very Near

Noch ist die Haltestelle "Zuffenhausen Rathaus" nicht in Betrieb. Aber bald soll die Strecke bis nach Stammheim mit einem Fest eröffnet werden.
The new built station "Zuffenhausen Rathaus" (town-hall) is still out of service. There will be shortly an opening ceremony for the new build track to Stammheim.


Leif Hagen said...

Oh how I miss taking the trains in Deutschland! A friend of mine is visiting her old Rotary exchange families in Dusseldorf right now!
Steffen - be sure to capture the "HaltestelleZuffenhasenRathauseroffnungsfest!" How's that for a long German word!

Montreal Photo Daily said...

It's a big project! But, you may well know that the Germans excel in engineering projects such as this! :)
Bet a lot of people will be very happy when it's completed.
A bientot!