July 13, 2011

Some More Impressions From The Hamburg Fishmarket In Stuttgart

Maritime Symbole gibt es jede Menge auf dem Fischmarkt.

There are many maritime symbols on the fish market.
Auch Live-Musik gab es. Einige Mutige haben sich ganz dicht an die Bühne gesetzt oder getanzt.
Live music was played. Some brave people were sitting near the stage. A woman was grooving to the music.
Zum Essen und Trinken gibt es Sitzgelegenheiten im Schatten. Da kann man sich den Fisch so richtig schmecken lassen.
There are many shady seatings for eating and drinking. You can enjoy your fish dish there.


Montreal Photo Daily said...

I like this! It would make a pleasant daytime outing. Thanks for sharing this.

Have a happy Wednesday! :)

Anonymous said...

Steffen, I have not visit you much lately 'cause my computer making "fun"! Now it seems better, and may it be ;-)
Great photos on your blog, telling Stuttgart happenings!

Leif Hagen said...

Gehen wir zusammen zum Mittagessen dort!