December 03, 2011

A First Impression Of The Bopserwood Road

Hier der "Beweis", dass man den Namen der Straße, nämlich Bopserwaldstraße, übersetzen kann. Ein Bewohner hat sich extra ein Schild fertigen lassen.
This is the proof! It's possible to translate the name of the street Bopserwaldstrasse. A astute resident had this plate manufactured.
So einen herrlichen Blick hat man von der Bopserwaldstraße.
Enjoy this splendid view from the Bopserwood Road.


diane b said...

I wonder if the german postman can.
Lovely view from Bosperwaldstrasse, I like the german name best.

Rob and Mandy said...

Some fun you can have with street names! The street where we live is named after a 17th century Italian pirate, who gained his... reputation by doing his job for the princes and kings of Soain...

Lowell said...

I don't know about the name...what does "Bopserwood" mean?

But it certainly provides a grand view!