December 22, 2011

SDP On The Way In Esslingen (5) - The Castle

Hoch über Esslingen wacht die Burg über die Alte Reichsstadt. Dorthin hat mich meine Exkursion natürlich auch geführt.
There is an impressive castle on a hill in Esslingen. It is watching over the former imperial town and was the objective of my excursion.
Viele Wege führen auf die Burg. Ich habe mich für die recht steile Burgsteige entschieden.
Many roads lead to the castle. I've decided on the steeply rising footpath named Burgsteige.
Wenn man wieder zu Atem gekommen ist, kann man die herrliche Burganlage genießen. Im "Dicken Turm" links gibt es auch ein rustikales Restaurant.
When you're recovered your breath you should enjoy the magnificent castle complex. There is rustic restaurant in the tower on the left. It is named "Dicker Turm" (bulky tower).
Hinunter geht es auf diesen Stufen der Burgstaffel.
If you are not claustrophobic you should leave the castle on these steps of the Burgstaffel.

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Anonymous said...

This place, no way, Steffen, but it's beautiful and what a view ;-)

I wish you and your family a Merry X-mas and all best in 2012. I think your son now likes present :-D