March 02, 2010

Piccadilly Is In Stuttgart

Der English Shop mit Namen "Piccadilly" befindet sich in der Huber- /Ecke Schellingstraße, in unmittelbarer Nähe vom Friedrichsbau Varieté. Hier haben alle, die Sehnsucht nach englischen Produkten haben, eine riesige Auswahl. Und wenn nicht, dann kann auch dem netten Verkaufsteam seine Wünsche mitteilen.
The Piccadilly English Shop welcomes visitors in the Huberstrasse/Schellingstrasse near the famous Friedrichsbau Varieté. Here you can find a wide range of British goods. The friendly staff accept your wishes if not.


Leeds daily photo said...

These old red telephone boxes turn up all over the place. I have seen this sort of shop in several countries selling things like English tea, HP sauce and the like.
Paul Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo

Jacob said...

Well, that's nice. And the British telephone booth is a good identification sign. We have a bunch of those red booths at Disney's Epcot Center in the Canadian and British pavilions. I like them.

Anonymous said...

I like this photo of your street corner. I think it looks a lot like a street corner here in the states too.