August 10, 2010

A Place For Working, Shopping And Entertainment

Blick auf eines der vielen Gebäude des sogenannten "Bosch-Areals". Hier gibt es Büros, Läden, Restaurants sowie kulturelle Einrichtungen. Als ich durch die vielen hellen Passagen gegangen war, haben mich deren Ausmaße sehr erstaunt.
View to a building of the "Bosch-Areal". Here Robert Bosch has founded a workshop for precision mechanics and electrical engineering. There are many offices, shops, restaurants and some cultural facilities. When I finished my walk through the clear areaways I was astonished about their dimensions.
Hier ein Blick in eine der vielen Passagen. Es ist sehr hell und freundlich wegen der Glasdächer, bei intensivem Sonnenschein, wie im Juli, aber auch sehr warm.
View into one of the areaways. It is very clear and friendly because of the glass roofs. But we had extreme sunshine in July. Therefore it was very hot in the area.


Jørgen Carlsen said...

When I saw the building I thought it would be warm because of the too many "windows" - and it was exactly what you wrote under the second shot. But the building is impressive.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Bewautiful glass roof. Reminds me of an artistic piece called Fractal Weave. Good shots, the both.
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Jacob said...

A unique and interesting building...I think glass can be very effective, but like you noted, it can make things quite warm!