November 09, 2011


Blick auf den Graf Eberhard Bau in der Innenstadt. Auch hier sind Geschäfte, Restaurants und Büros zu finden. Leider konnte nicht ermittelt werden, welcher Graf Eberhard (der oder der) Namenspatron für dieses imposante Gebäude ist.
This is a building named Graf Eberhard Bau which is situated in the city centre. There are some shops, restaurants and offices. I don't know which of the earls (Eberhard the 1st oder Eberhard the 2nd) is the patron saint for this impressive building.
Blick auf das Hauptportal des Gebäudes. - View to the main gate of the building.

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Anonymous said...

I know the name 'Eberhard' and think it is associated with pencils or pencil erasers or perhaps pencil lead.

I supposed this is the city where those things are manufactured?