November 18, 2011

Stuttgart Works On Its New Skyline

Blick auf Stadtbibliothek (links), Rohbauten (mitte) und Bankgebäude (rechts). Wird das die neue Skyline der Stadt? Ganz im Hintergrund ist der Fernsehturm zu erahnen.
View to public library, buildings in shell form and a bank from the left to the right. Will it be the new skyline of the town? In the background you can see the television tower in the mist.


Mo said...

Banks still have money to expand. hmm

Lowell said...

I wonder if there are any cities in the world where this kind of thing is not going on? In Florida we call it "paving over Paradise"!

diane b said...

Glad to see there is still progress in Germany as we hear so much about how Europe is suffering from the economical turndown.