December 17, 2010

I Was Above Such Thing

Diesen Blick hat man, wenn man über dem Schwabtunnel, der den westlichen mit dem südlichen Stadtteil (oder umgekehrt) verbindet, steht.
This is the view you get if you stand above the "Schwabtunnel". This is the tunnel which connects the Western with the Southern part of Stuttgart.
Der Name des Tunnels kommt wohl von Gustav Schwab, von dem es eine Büste an einem Haus gibt, das gleich rechts neben dem oben abgebildeten Stäffele steht.
The name of the tunnel comes possibly from Gustav Schwab. There is a bust on a building which is situated right of the above pictured steps.


Lowell said...

I wonder if Gustav is any relation to Carl Schwab of our huge investment firm? Probably not.

Lovely shot, Steffen! Wouldn't want to fall down those stairs, though - that's a long way to go bump, bump!

Looks kind of wintry...brrr...

Mo said...

Like the view from the top of the hill

Anonymous said...

So great shots, Steffen - but shame on You showing the one from hights... I'm feeling drunk, upps, and just 4 cups of earl grey tea has been in my glass this day *LOL*