December 27, 2010

Mr. Fischer's View

Steht man hinter der Skulptur von J. G. Fischer, hat man diesen herrlichen Ausblick die Hasenbergsteige hinunter Richtung Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Platz. Links und rechts von diesem Grünstreifen (momentan ist er  eher weiß) stehen z. T. sehr schöne Häuser. Hier gibt es mehr Informationen dazu.
This is the amazing view of Mr. Fischer down the "Hasenbergsteige" in the direction to a place named "Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Platz". There are some beautiful old buildings to the left and to the right of the green corridor which is white in the moment. Please follow the above 2nd link to get more informations (in German only).
Diesen Blick die Hasenbergsteige hinauf hat man, wenn man sich von obiger Stelle nach links dreht.
This is the view to the soaring "Hasenbergsteige" if you would turn left from the above position.


Marion said...


Jacob said...

Mr. Fischer has very cold eyes...but he does have a nice view. You've had a lot of snow and it looks quite beautiful until you have to shovel it and/or when it starts to melt. :-)

Mo said...

It looks really cold. I am currently on holiday in the north of Poland. Today it is minus 12. Tooooooo cooolddd for me. How do you cope? Hoping the vodkas I am sampling will help! Looking forward to returning to London, which will seem tropical after this.

Jørgen Carlsen said...

Nice to be Mr. Fischer. You seem to have got a lot of snow in Stuttgart.

Kitty said...

wow, very pretty.
It's a shame to see the graffiti on the bust/statue.