December 03, 2010


Bilder vom "Bistro Magnus" in der Kronprinzenstraße in Stuttgart's Mitte. Mich hat neben der auffälligen Fassadenfarbe vor allem die Kuh im Fenster fasziniert.
You see a tavern named "Bistro Magnus" in the Kronprinzenstraße in Stuttgart's centre. I've noticed the colourful façade and the big cow.


Jacob said...

How did that great big cow get up there? And why is there a Brooklyn, New York sign in the window. So many questions; so many mysteries! A very interesting establishment!

Halcyon said...

Funny place!

anjoe playhouse said...

...and the milkman must up on the roof to get the milk, or... *LOL*
Great shot, Steffen!