February 21, 2010

Caution! It Is Sharp!

Eines der moderneren und markantesten Gebäude von Stuttgart. Hier ist u.a. die Musikbibliothek untergebracht. Es befindet sich am Charlottenplatz.
You see one of the more modern and striking buildings in Stuttgart. It's the domicile of the music library amongst others and situated on Charlottenplatz.


Hilda said...

It looks fantastic! I love historic architecture and modern glass towers equally.

Anonymous said...

When I come to CDP and see your blog name I am reminded of my brother-in-law who, during the Second World War and shortly after it was over, he guarded German soldiers held in a huge prisoner of war camp in Stuttgart. I wonder if you know about it or heard about it.

The city is much different now than in those days when not much of it was left. Your photograph of the building is quite beautiful.

Jacob said...

This is beautiful! A great composition. I love that architecture.

Ken Mac said...