February 25, 2010

The Palace

Dieses stattliche Gebäude ist der "Palast der Republik", hauptsächlich eine Studenten-Kneipe, in der man noch sein Bier aus der Flasche trinken kann (oder muss). Das untere Bild zeigt den tatsächlichen (ehemaligen) Palast der Republik in Berlin.
This goodly building is named "Palast der Republik" (palace of the republic). It's a student's pub where chiefly bottled beers are consumed. The following scan of an elder postcard shows the real Palace of the Republic in Berlin. Unfortunately it's pulled down.


Zannnie said...

It's a big name for a student's pub :)

Anonymous said...

And it is a nice place too. A pub for students.

I have not visited any city in Germany so not Dresden.

During the war, my brother-in-law was there and in Stuttgart as I said earlier. Everything was in ruins.

Jacob said...

Looks like a cool place to enjoy a brew or two with friends.

Clueless in Boston said...

Yes, it is a big name for a small pub. How's their selection of beers?

Kim said...

This is fun to see the old and the new. I like seeing different eras of architecture, and the old Palast der Republik looks very 1960s to me.

Kitty said...

that's for including the scan. What a photogenic building, all lit up?

it doesn't take much. The cars are neat, and just the simple inclusion of those stairs give the building interest.