February 03, 2010

The Quiet Before The Storm

Noch ist es ruhig im Gasthaus "Ochsen" am Bihlplatz. Aber das kann sich zur Mittags- und Abendzeit ändern. Dieses Lokal kann ich ruhigen Gewissens empfehlen, besonders das sog. "Metzgergulasch" sollte probiert werden.
It's still quite in the restaurant "Ochsen" (ox), which is situated on the place "Bihlplatz". But at lunchtime or in the evening it will be active in it. And I can commend a stop at this restaurant. You should take the "Metzgergulasch", a tasty meat dish.


lizziviggi said...

It looks like a charming restaurant-- cozy under its blanket of snow.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a wonderfully cozy spot! Look at all that snow. :-0

Kim said...

I love gulasch, so what makes Metzgergulash so tasty?
This is a very beautiful, peaceful scene. I love the way your caught all the light.

lewi14 said...

The "Metzgergulasch" is made of super-king-sized cubed meat from beef. You can choose between several levels of heat. It is perfectly served with hand-made "Spaetzle". I prefer a well cooled beer with it.