February 28, 2010


Hallo. Den berühmten Metzgergulasch im Gasthaus "Ochsen" in Heslach habe ich schon einmal erwähnt. Nun möchte ich auch den Beweis antreten, dass er wirklich dort serviert wird.
Hi. I've already alluded the famous "Metzgergulasch" of the restaurant "Ochsen" in Heslach. I want to evidence today, that it is served there truly.
Meine Frau Judith und ich im Lokal. My wife Judith and me in the restaurant.
Metzgergulasch, extra scharf, mit Bratkartoffeln. Metzgergulasch, extra spicy, served with fried potatoes.
Die Rechnung, bitte! The bill, please!


Anonymous said...

I am so hungry now! Mmmmmmm, that looks so good, Steffen!!!

Question--does the total with the MWST at 19% include a tip? Or is a tip extra, and how much do you generally tip in Germany?

Ilse said...

Looks like a wonderful meal! I lived in Munich for 10 years. German cooking can be very excellent. And the beer! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Grace said...

Das sieht aber lecker aus! Und gar nicht teuer...Grüsse aus Berlin

Leif Hagen said...

Hello Steffen and Judith! Thanks for sharing your delicious meal with us! The waiter was actually good with a camera! Fun to see your bill, too!

Jørgen Carlsen said...

It would be nice to eat Metzgergulasch, but not extra strong I think. Fine to see a photo of your wife and you at table 4.

Kim said...

This is very fun to see you two in the restaurant and to see the bill. "Tish" is one of the only German words I remember from a friend of mine in German Club trying to teach me some vocabulary :-).

Kitty said...

ha. Looks yum!
what is the 19% figure on the tab? Is that the tax? (yikes)

Rob said...

Looks delicious!

Rebecca said...

Mmmmm, yum. I am enjoying looking through your blog. After visiting Germany we found German foods much more tasty than the American versions of German foods.

My husband and I love Southern Germany. I have been researching his ancestry and from what I can tell, Stuttgart is very close to the places his family is from - Welzheim, Niederndorf and Ottendorf. We hope to get back to Germany in the next 2 years and visit these towns and connect with some cousins. (We met one in Munich this year.) My nephew is in Garmisch for a couple years and my daughter applied for a job there too!