June 15, 2010

Draw Near To God?

Diese Kirche in Kaltental, die Thomaskirche, steht auf einer Anhöhe. Ob man deshalb näher bei Gott ist?
This is the Thomas church and it is situated on a hill in Kaltental between Heslach und Vaihingen. If the believers are therefore nearer to God?
Andere Sicht auf die Kirche
Another angle


Bruce Caspersonn said...

Nice photos. Thanks for not mentioning the football.

Anonymous said...

Well You can't say, that the church is humble ;-)

Jacob said...

Fascinating photos. The only way "believers" are going to believe they are nearer to God is if they are ignorant as to how the universe works...I mean, there is no "up." :-)

Kitty said...

hm. Maybe closer to the heavens but also more visible from faraway. It makes sense.

I love the pointy roof. It must be made of copper? I can't imagine how it was hoisted up there.

Hilda said...

Great location for the church. It would serve as a great landmark for visitors to navigate by.

Leif Hagen said...

Maybe the train tracks are brings people to church? A great urban photo with a grand church! Echt herrlich!