September 18, 2010

Behind Bars

Liebe Leser und Besucher von Stuttgart Daily Photo. Momentan habe ich eine etwas stressige Zeit, deshalb kann ich auch keine Kommentare abgeben oder auf solche reagieren. Ich hoffe, es wird wieder ruhiger und dann werde ich wieder mehr Zeit erübrigen können.
Dear visitors of Stuttgart Daily Photo. I'm very busy in the moment. Therefore I'm not able to respond to your warm comments. I just hope my life will get back to normal once this stressful time is well and truly behind me.
Some flowers behind bars seen in Heslach.


Bruce Caspersonn said...

Good luck Steffen, I hope YOU are not behind bars.

Bill said...

Steffen, we understand completely. You just do as you have to until you're over your stress, no matter how long it takes. We are thinking of you. We'll be happy to hear from you again then.

paul said...

Best wishes, Steffen. There are times when we have to take care of ourselves, that is an absolute priority. I hope things resolve for you in due course.

Anonymous said...

..."a man has to do, what a man has to do" :-D

Halcyon said...

These flowers are so pretty! Hope your stress comes to an end soon.