September 10, 2010

School's Out

Das "Schulhaus" in Hedelfingen. Hübsch restauriert und modernisiert, beherbergt das 1904 erbaute Gebäude heute städtische und soziale Einrichtungen.
View to the old schoolhouse in Hedelfingen. It was built in 1904 and fundamentally renovated in 2004. Now it is used as a community centre with municipal and social institutions.


Hilda said...

Even if it is no longer a school, I'm just glad to hear that this beautiful old building is still being put to good use!

Abraham Lincoln said...

Beautiful old building. I would never have guessed anything this nice could be a school.

Halcyon said...

Ha! That is like the building I showed a few days ago. Although mine "says" it is a cultural institution and does not actually provide much culture. :)