September 24, 2010

Lesson Five: Swabian Resoluteness

Nichts wie rein/hinein - Willkommen zum Canstatter Volksfest welches vom 24.09. bis 10.10.2010 stattfindet. Ich möchte hier keine Werbung für ein bestimmtes Festzelt machen. Die Brauerei "Schwabenbräu" ist aber die einzige Brauerei in Stuttgart, die auf Schwäbisch Reklame macht
Let's go in - Welcome to the Cannstatt Folk Festival which takes place from 2010-09-24 to 2010-10-10. I don't want to advertise a special marquee at the Wasen. But the brewery "Schwabenbräu" is the only Stuttgart brewery which publicize in Swabian dialect.

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Jacob said...

Oh, I wish I could join you for this festival! Sounds so good.

We're back from a 4,000 mile round-trip to Colorado...visited out daughter who lives out there in the mountains. We took a couple of photos... ;-) And we've started a blog to post them...we invite you to take a look:

Meanwhile, have a wonderful weekend, Steffen!