September 30, 2010

Stuttgart's Horses - No. Eight In A Series

Es war gar nicht so einfach, ein Bild zu machen, denn es war ganz schon windig und das Windspiel war ständig in Bewegung. Eine kurze Flaute hat mir aber dann doch endlich einen Gefallen getan.
It was not easy to make the photos of this wind chime. There was a strong wind blowing and the wind chime was on the move all the time. But I was able to use a short calm to make some shots.
Gleich am Rosensteinsteg steht dieses Windspiel. Ein Bank lädt zum Verweilen ein.
The wind chime is situated near a small bridge named "Rosensteinsteg". There is also a bench which invites to stay and to view.


Bruce Caspersonn said...

You did well then.

Rebecca said...

Such a delicate addition. Glad you noticed it.

Jacob said...

Very nice, Steffen. I was thinking you probably used shutter-priority on your camera. Love the bridge...would like to see more of it sometime.

Nefertiti said...

magnifique ;O)

Halcyon said...

Cute horsie!