September 05, 2010

Fountains Of Stuttgart, No. 000007 And Stuttgart's Horses - No. Seven In A Series At The Same Time

Der Brunnen auf dem Marktplatz, zur Zeit eingebettet in das Weindorf.
This is the fountain at the Marktplatz in the city centre. It is embeded into the Wine Village in the moment.

Gut zu erkennen ist eine Stute mit ihrem saugenden Fohlen.
There are a mare with her sucking foal displayed on the column.

Weindorf-Garnitur am Brunnen - Fackeln, Geäst und Reben
There are some symbols of the Wine Village at the fountain - flambeaux, branches and vines (of course).


Randy said...

Beautiful fountain!

Rebecca said...

Wow, such an intricate decoration around the fountain. It is beautiful.

Inverness Daily Photo said...

Was it originally a drinking fountain for horses with a trough?

Angela said...

It's a very intimidating fountain. Striking but vicious at the same time,

Am really enjoying the photos of Wine Festival. It reminds me of so many years ago when I was at a similar festival in Rhine-Hessen and first tasted Gurwürtztraminer, which to this day is still my favourite.

Jacob said...

Incredibly beautiful...we need one of these in downtown Ocala - after all, Ocala is the "horse capitol of the world"! :-)

Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

What a beautiful fountain. The gold against the dark stone is great.

Darryl and Ruth : )

Kim said...

How interesting this fountain is! And, I am seeing flames dancing amidst the water. are they gas torches or something else? That's remarkable. I've never seen a fountain with a fire feature like this.
Super shots!