April 02, 2010

Asian-Swabian Alliance

Das ehrwürdige Restaurant Pflugfelder, berühmt für seine handgeschabten Spätzle, existiert schon seit einigen Jahren nicht mehr. Geblieben ist lediglich das wunderbar gearbeitete Wirtshausschild. Nachfolger ist nun ein chinesisches Restaurant.
Dear Bruce Caspersonn from Australia, do not read the following, it's not good for your diet!
The dignified restaurant "Pflugfelder" was famous for its handmade "Spätzle", a special  ingredient for a Swabian meal. But unfortunately it has closed several years ago. Now there is a Chinese restaurant.


Jørgen Carlsen said...

Good not to be on a special diet - I both like Spätzle and German Wine.
I like the good old Schild.

Leif Hagen said...

Things always change! I think the Spaetzle sounds yummy!

JM said...

What a wonderful sign!

Kim said...

Steffen, that is a beautiful sign. My mom used to make Spaetzle when I was little, but only rarely, and I haven't had it since. I am glad the Chinese restaurant did not remove the older attractive sign.
Hey, your skies look exactly like ours! :-) Hope you get some sun for Easter.

Bob Crowe said...

That's ironic. The venue for German classic cuisine couldn't sustain itself and the food now served there is, in a sense, made in China. At least Germany as a whole keeps up a positive balance of trade with the world.