April 04, 2010

Bridge Over Busy Parking (My 100th Post)

Ich weiß, zu meinem 100. Post hätte es schon ein Knaller sein sollen, aber ich will auf dem Boden bleiben. Zu sehen ist die Nesenbach-Talbrücke (oder auch Kaltentalbrücke) in Heslach, Richtung Stadteinwärts. Sie ist eine wichtige Verbindung zwischen Stuttgart und Leonberg und den Autobahnen A8 und A81. Unter der Brücke ist der geschäftige ALDI-Parkplatz zu sehen.
This today's post is not a hit, but I want to be well grounded. You see the bridge over the Nesenbach valley in Heslach direction into town. The bridge is very important for the traffic to and from Stuttgart, you can reach the highways, in German Autobahnen, A8 and A81. Under the bridge you can see the busy parking of ALDI.


Jørgen Carlsen said...

Congratulations to the 100th post. The image is an fine illustration of infrastructure.

Jacob said...

100 posts! Congrats, Steffen! It seems like you just started a couple of days ago. I guess time flies when you're having fun!

I like this post a lot. It's actually a quite beautiful bridge and your composition is excellent, showing off those sweeping curves.

Is the ALDI you mentioned the grocery store company? We have several ALDI stores in Ocala now.

I like you Easter post, too. And a Happy Easter to you!

Bill said...

Great shot of an impressive bridge, or should that be bridges?

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem 100. blogpost.

Petrea said...

Congratulations! You commemorate your 100th post with a very striking photo.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Good post for your 100th - I love the underside of bridges.