April 25, 2010

Relief From The Sun's Heat

Kaum erwärmt die Sonne die Luft, steht den Menschen schon wieder der Sinn nach Abkühlung. Oft heißt es für ein leckeres Eis "Anstehen" beim Eis-Bistro "Pinguin" am Eugensplatz. Während des Fotografierens war die Schlange nicht gar so lang, aber im Sommer oder an wärmeren Tagen braucht man schon etwas Geduld.
No sooner had the sun warmed up the air than the people want to get cooling. At the ice cream parlour "Pinguin" at the Eugensplatz you've often to line up for a delicious ice. During my shooting the queue wasn't not long. In summer or on warmer days you need a lot of patience.

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Jacob said...

It is funny, isn't it. We complain about the cold and then we gripe about the heat. It's warm here now...in the upper 80s (F) during the day...but still in the 50s at night (which helps a lot)...

Looks like a nice shop to obtain a little icy refreshment on a warm summer's day!