October 28, 2010

Beaming With Pride

Diesen VW "Beetle" habe ich auf dem Parkplatz vor dem Bergfriedhof entdeckt. An sich nichts Besonderes. Aber den Spruch fand ich nett. Die Eltern müssen wohl sehr stolz auf Ihr "Kind" sein, hätten sie ihm sonst solch ein Auto gesponsert?
I saw this "Beetle" at the parking in front of the cemetery named Bergfriedhof. It's nothing to write home about. But I noticed this cute slogan. Mom and Dad must be proud of their sprog...?


Jacob said...

Cute car and ultra-cute sign! Great capture, Steffen!

Anonymous said...

I could live with such a text if I got a free car ;-)

Halcyon said...

Great minds think alike! I have a Beetle on my blog today too. :)

It looks like this one has had some "tuning". I don't think the bumper is original. And it's the pre-2006 model. They changed the rear lights in 2007 and made the body a little wider.