October 25, 2010

Fountains Of Stuttgart, No. 000010

Eine Brunnenanlage am Eduard-Pfeiffer-Platz in Stuttgart-Ost. Die Steinbänke und der Baum bieten an heißen Tagen sicherlich eine herrliche Abkühlung. Da nun die Brunnen wegen des kommenden Winters abgeschaltet werden, beende ich hiermit meine Brunnenserie. Nächstes Jahr wird diese dann fortgesetzt.
A well system at Eduard-Pfeiffer-Platz in the East of Stuttgart. I'm sure that stony bench and tree offer a welcome refreshment on hot days. The city of Stuttgart switches all of the fountains off for winter. Therefore I finish my series about "Stuttgart's fountains". I'll continue it next year.
Einige Details des Brunnens - Some detailed shots of the fountain


Jacob said...

I find these fountains very interesting...did you not say people get water from them to use in their homes?

And they must have to be turned off for the winter, correct?

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Steffen, and yes: must be a "cool" place in the hot summer :)
I see forwards to next year, when the water are back in all fountains and you again get along with your camera :-D

Halcyon said...

Is the fig leaf original or was that added later?

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

The statue looks lonely and forlorn.