October 05, 2010

You Will Be Assimilated

ALARM! Die Borg sind in Stuttgart gelandet! ALARM! Die Assimilierung steht kurz bevor! ALARM!
Scherz beiseite. Das ist natürlich kein Raumschiff der Borg. Das ist die neue "Bibliothek 21". Ich habe einige, nicht immer schmeichelnde, Bezeichungen (z. B. Bücherknast, Stammheim 2) gehört. Hoffentlich haben es Bücher und Leser im Innern des Raumschiffes Gebäudes bequemer!
ALERT! The Borg are alighted in Stuttgart! ALERT! The assimilation is in the offing! ALERT!
Joking aside. This is not a Borg's starship. This is the new library. I've heard many negative name for this building (e.g. book's prison). I hope it will be more comfortable inside for books and its readers.
Spiegelung in der Glasfront eines Bankgebäudes am Pariser Platz.
The library's reflection in the glass facade of a bank at Pariser Platz.


gogouci said...

Too funny. I hope they didn't pay the designer and architects much.

Bruce Caspersonn said...

Let us hope the books don't suffer too much stress.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

They look very er futuristic don't they? Puts me in mind of "The Stepford Wives" for some reason.

Halcyon said...

Hmmm... it is rather an ug building, especially for a library.

Jacob said...

I like the reflective photo! But, you're right, this looks like something from the old Soviet bloc!

Anonymous said...

Terrible, terrible building for anything, but for library it is incredibly uninspiring.