October 26, 2010

Keeping A Roof Overhead

Typisches Straßenbild in Ostheim, einem Teil von Stuttgart-Ost. Alte, zum Teil liebevoll restaurierte Häuser, gibt es hier noch.
A typical street scene in Ostheim, a part of the Eastern Stuttgart. There are still many old and lovingly refurbished houses.
Ostheim wurde als eine Arbeitersiedlung gegründet. Preiswerte Wohungen für die arbeitende Klasse war das Ziel.
Ostheim was founded as a workers' housing estate. There were built cheap apartments for the working class.


Halcyon said...

I am glad they have kept these buildings in good shape. Looks like a nice area to live.

Jacob said...

Please excuse my ignorance, but do you refer to "east" Germany?

This looks like a nice area...and I can see it's been refurbished. I like the cobblestone streets, too, but I'll bet they make a racket when you drive over them.

Angela said...

It would be great to have plenty of time to wander aimlessly in these historic streets. I would surely get lost if I had to remember which road I came from, though, with such a crazy intersection!:)