October 24, 2010

On The Way In The East Of Stuttgart, 2

Blick auf den Lukasplatz vor der Lukaskirche. Eine interessante Skulptur befindet sich auf diesem Platz. Das zweite Fotos zeigt Details.
View to a place named Lukasplatz infront of yesterday's church. There is an interesting sculpture on this place. The second shot presents details. The granitic sculpture was made in 1987 by artist Josef Nadj and is called "Lying/Horizontal Figuration".


Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

What a cozy street scene; very picturesque.

Darryl and Ruth : )

Jacob said...

A fine-looking area...with all the colorful leaves. Not so sure about the sculpture, though.

Re you question on Florida Fotos: The tree is a large water oak. They grow fast and big but have a rather weak root system and they retain water...in a hurricane they are dangerous as they be blown over more easily than other trees.