October 15, 2010

We Like To Give You The Ball

"Wir geben Ihnen gerne die Kugel" - dieser schöne und doppeldeutige Satz steht auf einem ungewöhnlichen Eiswagen (Eiswägele), das auf dem Zugang von der Klettpassage zum Schlossgarten Station gemacht hat. Ich habe den Wagen einige Zeit beobachtet. Obwohl es an diesem schönen Oktobernachmittag noch sehr warm war, kauften nur sehr wenige hier ein Eis.
It is an ambiguous German sentence - "We like to plant a bullet into your head" or better: "We like to give you the scoop". Never fear! Nobody wants to shoot to somebody. This sentence stands on an exceptional ice-cream cart(le). The cart is situated on path between the Arnulf-Klett-Passage (underground station) and the middle part of the Schlossgarten. I've observed this cart for a while. In spite of the mild temperatures on this wonderful October afternoon the cart hasn't had many customers.
Das Eiswägele vor dem Turm des Hauptbahnhofes.
View to the ice-cream cart in front of the main station's tower.


Bruce Caspersonn said...

Steffen, the ice cream might be good but that cart would be horrible to drive, with only 3 wheels.

Birdman said...

That's an strange looking vehicle.

Rebecca said...

3 wheels for those narrow town streets I guess. Is that a Mercedes logo on top of that building?

lewi14 said...

You're right, Rebecca. But it's not only a Mercedes logo, it's the new coat of arms of the city of Stuttgart ;)