May 07, 2010

Fly Me To The Moon

Hoch über Heslach schwebt sie, die Maschine. An einem Kran befestigt, setzt sie zur Landung an. Man kann es sich kaum vorstellen, aber die Straße hinter dem Gebäude rechts ist um einige Stockwerke höher als die, auf der ich stehe. Die Baustelle ist davon auch betroffen, so dass öfter Maschinen und Geräte per Kran von oben nach unten oder umgekehrt transportiert werden müssen.
The machine hovers above Heslach. It is affixed to a crane and will approach to land. Could you imagine that the street behind the right building is about 4 levels higher than the street I was standing on? The field is concerned by that level difference too. Therefore it is necessary to carry machines and equipment by crane top down or bottom-up.


Bruce Caspersonn said...

So many places get built around the world,and sometimes in a rush,that it's always a wonder to me that more of them don't fall down. I really do admire construction engineers.

Rebecca said...

Those things make me nervous! I don't want to be underneath anything they lift!

Jacob said...

Let's hope it doesn't get loose and come crashing down on some unsuspecting resident of Stuttgart!


I've always been impressed by these huge cranes that can move such heavy pieces of equipment.