May 15, 2010

Stuttgart Doorways #3

Eingang zu einem für gewerbliche Zwecke genutzten Haus im Stuttgarter Süden.
Doorway of an office building in the south of Stuttgart.

Detailaufnahme. Bitte recht freundlich sein, dann macht der Schlüsselmeister Ihnen auf ;)
Close-up. Look the key's master! Deal with him kiendly and he will open the door for you ;)


Leif Hagen said...

Some great building details: the gate, the gatekeeper - prima!

Leif Hagen said...

Some wonderful building details - the gate, the gatekeeper .... Prima!

Anonymous said...

What does the horn means??

lewi14 said...

Thanks for your comments.
@anjoe: It's an interesting question. It could be an alarm or signal horn. The figure could be a town guard.

Petrea said...

Very beautiful entryway to an office building. It would be a nice place to work.