May 20, 2010

Böblinger Straße, Part Four

Zu sehen ist eines der Gebäude der Brauerei Stuttgarter Hofbräu, in dem sich z. B. auch das Konsulat von Uruguay befindet. Nicht unbedingt originell, aber betrachtet die Sudpfanne links neben dem Gebäude und das kleine Detail auf dem zweiten Photo.
You see one of several buildings of the brewery Stuttgarter Hofbraeu, which also houses the consulate of Uruguay. The building by itself isn't really fancy. Please look the copper on the left of the building and the small plate on the 2nd photo.
Diese Szene spielt sich alljährlich zum Cannstatter Volksfest ab. Prächtig geschmückte Brauereipferde ziehen einen aufwändig präparierten Wagen. Am Vormittag geht es zum Wasengelände und am Nachmittag geht die Fahrt wieder zurück. Die Fässer sind übrigens leer.
You see a scene which happens on Cannstatt Festival every day. Emblazed dray-horses drag a no less pretty waggon. In the morning they go to the Cannstatt Wasen area and in the early afternoon they return. It's a nice spectacle. The beer barrels are empty.


Bruce Caspersonn said...

A nice clean photo. Always is/

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

love the wall plaque

Rebecca said...

Interesting. My husband's family belongs to a German-American club called the Cannstatter. I guess this is where the name came from.

Jacob said...

How very interesting...a brewery and a consulate in the same place.

By the way, back in 1960, when I was still a young man, we lived in Phoenix, Arizona...when my in-laws came to visit we went to a place that sold beer and wine and bought a beer called Dortmunder Hansa (I think). It was very good, but I've never been able to find it again anywhere... Are you familiar with such a beer?

lewi14 said...

Dear friends, thank you for your comments.
@Rebecca: It seems that you're right. I know that there is a club in Philadelphia named "Cannstatter". It's nice to know that your husband has German roots.