July 09, 2010

Children's Paradise

Das Gebäude von Spielwaren Kurtz am Marktplatz, gegenüber vom Rathaus, hebt sich durch seine Farbe von den anderen Gebäuden ab.
The building which houses Spielwaren Kurtz, a notorious toyshop, is an eye-catcher because of its colouring. This building is situated at Marktplatz vis-à-vis town-hall.
Und die herrlich gestaltete Fassade ist den einen oder anderen Blick wert.
The magnificent designed facade is worth to take a look at it.

We're back from Lake Constance. The weather was fine, we've hanged out together with our little son. But it was a busy time too. We have assisted our parents(-in-law) with reaping the fruits in their garden. Thank you for your likeable comments.


Bill said...

A beautiful building. I like the facade. Glad to read you enjoyed your Bodensee Sommer Reise. Schade dass Deutschland an der Weltmeisterschaft gecheitert ist. Wit stiegen um 4.00 Uhr zum Bett aus um das Spiel zu sehen, aber leider konnte es nicht sein. In vier Jahren dann.

Bruce Caspersonn said...

Wow! Five floors of toys,,,a true paradise.

Halcyon said...

This sounds like a fun place for adults too!

Glad you had a nice trip and are home safely.

Chuck Pefley said...

Wonderful place for adults to spend time, too, I would think. Great facade!

Jacob said...

So glad you had a good time at Lake Constance. Fruit sounds good!

I like this building a lot...the facade is quite attractive, and I can imagine the kids really enjoy the shop!

Angela said...

Lake Constance is amazing!! I was there many years ago and enjoyed a fireworks competition between Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Can't remember who won, but can only remember it being the best fireworks display I have ever seen. yes, still to this day. Hope you are settling in at home again.