July 14, 2010

You Are Entering The Geroksruhe Area

Wir sind im Gebiet - We are in the area of

Der Name "Geroksruhe" leitet sich von Karl Friedrich Gerok ab.
The name "Geroksruhe" derives from Karl Friedrich Gerok, a German theologian and lyricist. He primarily lived and worked in Stuttgart.

Hier wird u.a. Tennis gespielt. Ich kam mir beim Knipsen wie ein Papparazzo vor ... Trotz bereits hoher Temperaturen am späten Vormittag waren alle Plätze belegt.
There are some tennis courts. I felt like a paparazzo during the shootings ... It's already hot in the late forenoon. Nevertheless all of the courts were taken.


Halcyon said...

Thelogians don't know nothing about my soul. No they don't know.


Anonymous said...

That red color just pops out at you. Nice photography.

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Jacob said...

How hot was it? Looks like a nice setup. We've got a bunch of tennis courts here at Stone Creek as well as pickleball courts (which is sort of like tennis)...but it's too hot here to play in the afternoon. Stifling!

Bob Crowe said...

The neighborhood looks pleasant but the sign is intimidating.