July 06, 2010

The Old Castle

Das ist das alte Schloss, vom Schillerplatz aus gesehen. Auch das Alte Schloss beherbergt heute ein Museum. Gerade sind jedoch Umbauarbeiten im Gange. Im Herbst soll z.B. ein "Kindermuseum im Jungen Schloss" seine Pforten öffnen.
This is the Old Castle on Schillerplatz. It shelters the "Landesmuseum Württemberg" today. There are some reconstructions in the moment because a children's museum in the "young castle" is under construction in some parts of the castle. It will open this autumn.
Einer der Türme, mit Efeu bewachsen.
The tower owergrown with ivy.

SDP is on auto pilot in the moment.


Bruce Caspersonn said...

I am sure I could live in a place like that.

Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com said...

castles are always so magnificent and rich with history and stories. I am glad you are enjoying the Sedona photos on my website.

Rebecca said...

There is just something about those old castles I just love.

Halcyon said...

I wonder how they get the ivy to grow so nicely.